"Let's get your life running efficiently and pain free!!!" 

Not sure if Chiropractic is right for you? Take no risk with a FREE initial evaluation to discover the source of your pain and/or symptoms.  We take a thorough history, assess your posture and nervous system, do an orthopedic assessment, and take digital x-rays when needed.  After we gather all information, we'll discuss the results, let you know if we can help, and help you find someone who can if for some reason we feel you are best suited elsewhere.  Why wait!?!  Call or text our office for the first available appointment, or schedule online!

Chiropractic adjustments are made to the spine and joints of your arms and legs to correct misalignment, restricted movement, and ease pain.  We offer adjustment techniques suited from babies to elderly, from athletic to fragile, and from healthy to even those with surgical fusions and rods.  We also do rehab exercises to strengthen up and stabilize the joints while reducing pain.  We utilize multiple soft tissue techniques to break up adhesion in the muscle, relax muscle tightness, increase circulation, and decrease pain.  We mold foot orthotics custom to your feet and body weight to stabilize body compensation patterns from the ground up.  This can help directly with foot, knee, and back pain.  Call or text 317-867-1671 today to see how we can help!   

Heal from the Inside Out!

Your body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding, however, without the proper fuel, more breakdown will occur.  Whether it's help with diet modification, detoxing, figuring out food triggers and sensitivities, or adding reputable, certified organic supplements to your diet, we can help steer you on the right track!

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